Expert dealmakers GS Verde Group announce opening of new Cheltenham based office

Expert dealmakers GS Verde Group announce opening of new Cheltenham based office

The GS Verde Group, a multi-discipline dealmaking business, have expanded the business with the opening of a Cheltenham office, as the Group moves into Gloucestershire.

The GS Verde Group, an award-winning advisory group that advises business owners on acquisitions and exit planning, have expanded their geographical footprint with the opening of a new office in Cheltenham.

The office, located in Festival House, in the centre of Cheltenham, adds to a dynamic offices in Cardiff, Bristol and Dublin. The business also has satellite offices in London and Oxford.

Heading up the Cheltenham presence is Joel Dunning, Director of GS Verde's Tax & Accountancy division, who said: "We are excited to bring GS Verde's unique multi-discipline offering to the Cheltenham and wider Gloucestershire area. We are already acting for a number of clients in sectors that are indigenous to Cheltenham, such as Cyber-Tech & Manufacturing, and we are excited to grow this further in the coming months and years."

The Group, who combine a number of professional advisory services across Law, Tax & Accounting, Corporate Finance and Communications, are looking to build on an existing base of existing clients in the area.

Mr Dunning added: "We feel what GS Verde offers is unique and with a growing client-base in the area, we saw this as a catalyst to put down roots and expand within Clockwise Offices, with a thriving community of members".

The GS Verde Group is a fast-growth M&A business headquartered in Cardiff, with a significant presence in the South West of England. The Group launched in Ireland in February 2023 with a Dublin based acquisition, forming GS Verde Ireland.

The business has announced a number of accolades and awards in a period of fast-growth, and in January 2024, the Group was admitted to the prestigious secondary market platform JP Jenkins, which has provided a marketplace for share trading for brands such as Dyson, Weetabix and Manchester City Football Club.

Commenting on the expansion, David Dulieu the Group's CCO added: "We have grown our business both organically and through acquisition in recent years, and as we extend our offering across the UK, Ireland and further afield, the Cheltenham base is a natural and exciting next step for GS Verde".

Expert dealmakers GS Verde Group announce opening of new Cheltenham based office